Ford Focus Electric

At last we have the Ford Focus electric car which has the same defects as the other cars on the market: it is expensive and it does not take you very far with a single charge. The other downside of this model is the fact that it has a very large case for the battery which can be disturbing. Aside from all of this Ford has introduced some new elements as far as electric cars are concerned which is a good thing.

One of the advantages of the Ford Focus electric is the 6.6 kW battery which give the car twice as much speed as the Nissan leaf which has a 3.3 kW battery. It also takes less to charge the batteries from a Ford Focus than from the ones from the Nissan leaf. It takes only four hours to completely charge the batteries from Ford while on Nissan you need to wait seven hours to charge them.

Another advantage of this model is that it has regenerative braking. To hit the brakes all you need to do is slightly hit the brakes with your right foot to prevent the hydraulic braking from engaging. On the board you have a meter which shows you how much energy you used, how much you have regenerated and how much you shaved compared you the fuel consumption.

The motor on the Ford Focus Electric has a capacity of 143 bhp and 184 lb ft of instant pull. This means that you can advance easy and with little effort because it has a single gear. The car can reach up to 84 miles per hour. It has a sporty look due to its design and balance that comes from a 51/49 per cent weight distribution. The interior is simple but efficient a thing which we can not say about all electric cars.

All in all Ford Focus Electric has made a good impression on the market mainly because it has brought a lot of new things. Its main competitor is Nissan leaf because they have almost the same features and the same system. However Ford is better than Nissan because it has a stronger motor, bigger batteries and a technology that allows us to charge the battery is a shorter period than Nissan. If you want to see it go to a Ford show room there you can also ask all the questions you want about the car.


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